Agendas and Minutes

Below are the agendas and minutes. Agendas are posted three clear working days before a meeting. Full Council meetings happen every month on the third Wednesday except in August and December. Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings. The first 15 minutes of every meeting is set aside for the public to ask questions. Ewhurst Parish Council does request where possible questions are submitted to the Proper Officer 24hrs before the meeting to ensure a full response can be given at the meeting.

MAY 15th Full Council
March 15th Full Council
February 15th Full Council
January 18th full council
November 16th full council
october 19th 2022 full council
september 29th 2022 full council
september 12th 2022 eGM – Cancelled
July 20th 2022 Full council – CANCELLED
June 15th 2022 Full Council
MAY 18th 2022 full council
april 20th 2022 full council