District and Parish Elections May 2023

This year’s District and Parish Elections will be held on the 4th May 2023. This page has been created to give residents the main information on how to vote, new voter ID rules, timetable of events and details for residents who might want to stand to be a District or Parish Council candidate. There are two District Councillor and seven Parish Councillor seats up for re-election.

For the Parish Council seven valid nominations were received for Ewhurst parish. Therefore, there are enough nominations for a quorum on the parish council, but not enough to require a poll. As the number of persons remaining validly nominated at the close of withdrawals does not exceed the number of councillors to be elected, these persons shall be declared to be elected. For results of the uncontested election please click here.

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Timetable for 4th May 2023 Elections

The below timetable has been supplied by Rother District Council based on the current legislation but may be subject to change and we will updates the dates here.

Publication of notice of electionFriday 24 March
Delivery of nomination papersBetween 10am and 4pm on any working day from Monday 27 March until 4pm on Tuesday 4 April
Deadline for delivery of nomination papers4pm on Tuesday 4 April
Deadline for withdrawals of nomination4pm on Tuesday 4 April
Deadline for the notification of appointment of election agent (district only)4pm on Tuesday 4 April
Publication of statement of persons nominatedWednesday 5 April
Deadline for receiving applications for registrationMonday 17 April
Deadline for receiving new postal vote and postal proxy applications, and for changes to existing postal or proxy votes5pm on Tuesday 18 April
Deadline for receiving new applications to vote by proxy (not postal proxy or emergency proxies)5pm on Tuesday 25 April
Deadline for receiving applications for Voter Authority Certificates5pm on Tuesday 25 April
Publication of notice of pollTuesday 25 April
Deadline for notification of appointment of polling and counting agentsWednesday 26 April
First date that electors can apply for replacements for lost postal votesThursday 27 April
Polling day7am to 10pm on Thursday 4 May
Last time that electors can apply for a replacement for spoilt or lost postal votes5pm on Thursday 4 May
Deadline for emergency proxy applications5pm on Thursday 4 May
Last time to alter the register due to clerical error or court appeal9pm on Thursday 4 May
Deadline for the production of temporary Voter Authority Certificates10pm on Thursday 4 May
Information for Candidates in a Local Election

Candidates and their agents must follow certain rules set out in legislation. Please click here to find the relevant link to find all the information you’ll need to help you comply with the rules on candidates in Local Elections. You do not have to follow this guidance, but if you do, you will normally be doing enough to comply with the law.